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Properties in Africa - Help and Frequently Asked Questions

For Agents, Developers and Property Owners
Are you services free of charge?
Yes, everyone including private owners, real estate agents and developers can post unlimited basic listings (following our Terms of Service). Later this year, we will introduce a Premium Membership with additional features, this will be optional but will highly increase your chances to sell or rent your property(ies) and will include other marketing materials.
We also have Premium Listings for better exposure of your listings, to post Premium Listings you need to earn credits or buy credits.

How to create an account?
Please simply use the "Create Member Account" link to make your account:
Once created, you will need to confirm your email address before you will be able to login to your account and post your listings.

How to post a Real Estate Listing?
Please make sure you are logged in to your account. After you are logged in please look for link on the right navigational menu: "List My Real Estate": As a first step, please select the type of listing: Premium Listing or Free Listing. On the 2nd step you can add all the details about your property including location, type of property, features, description, etc. while on page 3 you will be able to add up to 8 photos to your listing.

How to Edit / Delete my existing Real Estate Listings?
As a first step, please make sure you are logged in to your account. After you are logged in please look for link on the right navigational menu: "My Real Estate Listings": Under every listing you will have 3 links: Edit Listing, Manage Photos and Delete Listing. Click on any of these links and follow the on screen instructions.

How can I view statistics about my listings and how can prospective buyers contact me?
Every listing page contains an online form that can be used by prospective buyers to contact you via email. We do not share your email address with buyers, but once this contact form has been filled you will get an email message with buyer details. Additionally, prospective buyers can also request to get your contact details including your agency adress and phone number (but not your email address), we also log these details but in this case it depends on buyer if he decides to contact you or not.
We also offer statistics about your listings including: Listing Views, Visitors sent to your Website, and number of times your contact details has been requested. To view these statistics please access "My Real Estate Listings":

Terms explained:
- Listing Views = number of times your real estate listing has been viewed by prospective buyers / renters. With listing views we store contact details (e-mail, phone number and country) of those visitors who selected to share this information and as a Premium Member you will be able to contact these persons to maximize your marketing efforts.
- Visitors sent to your Website = number of times a visitor clicked on your website link to find out more about your company
- Your contact details requested = number of times a visitor requested your contact details including your address and phone number to contact you personally, by air mail or by phone. This information is provided to visitor but we can not actually control whether the visitor will contact you using these details or not.
- E-Mail Responses sent to you = number of times a visitor filled the online contact form that is present on every listing page to request more details about your property, these contacts will reach your e-mail box directly.

I lost one ore more e-mail responses. How can I view the E-Mail Responses sent to my listings?
We always store the e-mail responses you receive to your listings. If these responses will not reach your e-mail inbox or you lost one or more responses, you can also view all the generated responses under My Real Estate Listings section by clicking on the link named "E-Mail Responses sent to you" under each of your listings. It is always advised to periodically check My Real Estate Listings section to review if there are any new e-mail response(s) that not reached your Inbox.

What if I want better exposure for my listings?
You can use our Premium Listing feature. Premium Listings advantages:
* Priority Listing, your property listing will show up in front of all regular listings for 30, 60 or 90 days
* Increased Exposure: Premium Listings receive in average 4-8 times more views and leads than Regular Listings
* Your listing will rotate randomly on our homepage among other Premium Listings
* Premium Listings receive more confidence from potential buyers
* Homepage Featured Listings show up randomly on homepage and usually generates between 8 to 15 times more views than regular listings
* Extremely Competitive Pricing starting from $19.00

How can a visitor interact with me?
When a listing is posted to Properties in Africa, visitors can interact with you in many ways:
- they can send you an email using our integrated contact form (email contact)
- they can request your contact details (phone number and address) and can choose to contact you later *1
- they can be sent to your agency or developer homepage (to set your default URL please access Edit My Account)
- they can be sent to your external listing page you defined when you added your listing

*1 - requested contact does not guarantee that you will receive a phone call or get contacted by the requester, it is up to the visitor if he/she will contact you later, we can't control this

To view an illustrated screenshot click here.

I would like to sell / rent my house, apartment, property, etc. Would you be my agent?
Properties in Africa is not a real estate agency, we are a global real estate portal. If you would like to list your property free of charge, please simply use the "Create Member Account" link to make your account:, then use the above instructions to add your real estate listing.

For Buyers and Renters
I am looking for properties in a specific city but I have no idea on which province or region is that city located. How can I find listings on that city?
Please kindly use our Global Property Search feature, simply start typing your city name on the location field.

I am interested in one of the listings, how can I contact the owner / agent / developer?
Every property listing has a contact form that you can use to send an email to owner / agent / developer. Please provide your name, e-mail address, phone number and message and your contact request will be sent to the listing owner. Additionally, some listings also have a "Show Contact Details" link, by clicking on that link you will receive the phone number and the address of owner / agent / developer.

For Top Members
How do you rank real estate listings?
We group real estate listings every 45 days, so all Top Member listings that were posted or modified in the last 45 days will show up above all regular listings (right below Premium Listings). Then, we will show new listings posted by regular members. After the first 45 days, we check the 2nd 45 days and we show Top Member listings first followed by regular listings. If you are a Top Member and have old listings that are still actual, we recommend you to update them at least once every 45 days (manually or by using our XML upload function) to keep their priority on our listings. With your Top Member order, you also receive plenty of credits to make one or more of your listings Premium Listings.

Do you offer XML upload of our listings?
Yes, we offer an XML management feature for Top Members, please access XML Listing Management for more details.

I am a private owner and my listing is outranked by many Top Member listings, what can I do to get a better exposure for my single listing without becoming a Top Member?
We recommend you to to use our Premium Listing feature to show up your listing on top of other similar listings and generate a better exposure for your listing.

In my account, it is listed that I have 2 (3, 5) contacts let for today. What does this mean, where do I use these contacts?
You can use the free contacts on the following pages:
* Requested Offers
* Who viewed my listings
On these pages, you can find links labeled "Contact by E-Mail", you can use these links to send an email to any of these persons. To avoid overusing this feature, we limit the number of contacts available to any Top Member to 2, 3 or 5 depending on your existing membership account. For privacy reasons, the email address is not shown to you (and will not be shared with you), however, your email message will be sent directly to the email address and if he / she prefers to respond, you will automatically get the email address.

How can I contact by email persons who viewed my property listings?
For a limited number of real estate listing views (where the viewer shared his / her email address with us) Top Members have the chance to contact the viewer by email. For privacy reasons, the email address is not shown to you (and will not be shared with you), however, your email message will be sent directly to the email address and if he / she prefers to respond, you will automatically get the email address.
* Who viewed my listings

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